Friday, October 22, 2010

CVC unearths new CWG money tricks

The Central Vigilance Commission probing the Commonwealth Games has found a range of discrepancies including a cost over-run of over 200 per cent on the rental of temporary fittings and installations.

It has also found contracts to firms that did not meet eligibility criteria were inflated and different rates were paid for the same set of items in some cases, the discrepancy of as much as 30 per cent.

The CVC has also spotted wasteful expenses like fencing for the Noida Expressway. Material was bought to cordon off the road from spectators. But since all approach roads to the venues were blocked, the money was wasted.

Other unused overlays include water dispensers that were hired at 32 thousand rupees each. The Commission also found prices in some cases were highly unjustified like over Rs 8 lakhs spent on per treadmill, Rs 1 lakh per door, and garbage bags ordered at Rs 4 each from one firm, the same bags for Rs 3000 from another.