Friday, October 22, 2010

how to bypass google music service in india

According to a Wall Street Journal article, Google plans to launch a music service meant to combat piracy by making readers search for legal streaming music and downloads. The service is claimed to be implemented in a short span of the next few days.

For this purpose, Google has tied up with three music labels from varying backgrounds (Saregama India Ltd., New York based Saavn, and web portal with an access to large Bollywood music database. The music service shouldn't be confused with the likes of iTunes because it's a feature incorporated in Google's search bar. When Indians search for music in Google's search engine, the top results will be from the aforementioned partner labels. The report also said that clicking on a link (search result) will launch a pop-up music player where the requested content will be streamed for free.

The success of this feature is open to conjecture, because people who seek latest tracks for free, which will definitely be beyond the database of Google's partners, will always skip the first few pages or use another search engine for what they seek.