Tuesday, November 30, 2010

battery powered toshiba TVs are available now

Toshiba has announced the Power TV series, which purportedly will be the world's first large screen TV to run off a battery. The PC1 range of monitors has been designed for tough infrastructure conditions, such as our own, where clean and reliable power supply is scarce. The 24PC1 and 32PC1, as the name suggests, are available in 24 and 32-inch form factors and incorporate battery backup that is good for two hours according to Toshiba.

Power TV series also includes 'Auto Signal Booster' to improve signal sensitivity, thereby allowing display in areas with weak signal strength. 'Auto View', optimizes picture settings according to the ambient lighting condition for added ergonomic ease. This TV set seems to be perfect from an Indian perspective, but only if it's priced right, which should be tricky, considering the added cost of the battery backup system.