Tuesday, November 30, 2010

apple kicked out android from app-store

Apple has a history of clearing its app store of unwanted elements. In February, they were throwing out any apps that had the word ‘Android’ in the title. This time they’re going another step ahead and banning Android-centric magazine app Android Magasinet from its App Store. So what can a teeny-tiny magazine on Android really do? Well the magazine content is exclusive to Google’s Android OS and handsets, which has irritated the Mac-men!  

An Apple representative reportedly called up the app creator, Mediaprovider and said, "It's just about Android. We can't have that in our App Store." Hmm, that’s quite a statement for starters.

Why are they jealous of me?

Sure the app publishers had something to say. Brian Dixen, managing director of the company which produced the app, said, "It's funny really, because I don't think we would sell many magazines on Android through the Apple App Store, but the question is where this is going."

So now, Android-centric apps look to join Apple’s “unwanted” apps list which includes WiFi finding apps, and those apps which were too sexy for Apple users' sensibilities. What’s next on their hate list? Keep guessing!