Friday, November 19, 2010

Google Brings Out Interactive Book on the Web

Today the world is moving from eBooks to interactive ebooks. But there are several users who aren't fully aware of the technical terms and functions of the browsers and Web. To aide such users, Google has released an interactive online guide illustrated by Christoph Niemann and put it up for public access at So if don't know what TCP/IP is or what a Cookie is, you now know where to go and look for an answer.
Web technologies used in everyday life while browsing the web are most of the time not visible directly to an average users. For them it's just a computing marvel. Google's Chrome Team has scripted to explain the complex concepts like Cloud Computing, IP Address and DNS, Web Apps, etc. in a simple manner.  Built on HTML5, this online interactive book will certainly make you aware about the current day web browsers and what' s being used on the current generation of Web. 
Even though you've been reading on and using the web quite profusely, there's no harm in checking out this nicely illustrated interactive book.