Friday, November 26, 2010

LG's 23 inch 240 Hz IPS LCD Monitor

If you’re thinking you need a lot of money to buy a really good monitor for your desktop, LG is out to prove you wrong with its new IPS LCD monitor. This new 23 inch monitor supposedly refreshes at the rate of 240 Hz by combining a fast-updating 120Hz panel with a rapidly flashing scanning backlight. This is a feature that was originally available only in significantly larger TV sets, but LG has obviously decided to extend their services to those who can’t afford a giant screen. The display updates itself at 8ms with the help of a copper bus line. However, the colour remains deep and the viewing angle stays as wide, which are trademarks of IPS technology.

This new monitor will truly allow you to enjoy gaming, sports, and action movies due to improved detail and reduced blur. It will also probably enhance 3D performance, giving visuals more depth, while still maintaining smooth frame rates. So you can now say goodbye to those tired eyes, and say hello to more realistic imaging.

Although no dates for shipping have been announced, mass production has already begun on these new monitors. It looks like consumers will definitely be lining up to buy a small monitor that has big boy capabilities.