Friday, November 26, 2010

moto olympus may have android and tegra2

Tegra 2 looks like that dream platform for mobile phone manufacturers who want to make high-end Android based phones. Olympus has joined the rumor bandwagon of having a dual-core powerhouse, and it looks very possible that it will.  Tegra 2 has been hitting headlines as being the chosen platform for phones and tablets. After all, it offers a dual-core CPU and can record 1080p video, which itself makes the Olympus have some impressive specs.

For now there are only images and it looks like the Motorola Defy, only with a bigger screen (it looks like, not confirmed with specs). Now although there will be a tendency to compare the Olympus with Defy, the first and foremost point is that they have two different platforms. Defy unlike the Olympus, has a TI OMAP platform so the rest of Defy’s specs wont be of any help.

There’s also a likelihood of Olympus going AT&T’s way but Motorola might come out with a second Olympus that’s not tied to any particular network provider.  So, we’re still waiting for Motorola to unveil this dynamo, till then we can chew on some other high-end Android phone!