Thursday, November 25, 2010

LG BD690 Is The First Blu-ray Player To Be Certified

Wi-Fi Direct is a certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance that allows you to connect any two Wi-Fi enabled devices without the need for a hot spot (wireless access point). And the best part is that only one device needs to be certified for this to work! It’s kind of like DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance), where you can simply stream media from one enabled device to another; for example, Sony’s PSP or the Samsung Galaxy S. A lot of devices such as home theatre systems currently use Bluetooth for wireless connectivity. If Wi-Fi Direct kicks in, Bluetooth is definitely going to be shi**ing bricks.

Of course, there’s no word out on what this awesome Blu-ray player will be priced at or when it will start shipping out, but I guess the suspense will be worth it once these facts are finally announced. Imagine being able stream media directly from your phone, tablet or PC. Of course, there’s bound to be some kind of bundled software to facilitate doing this.

Although the LG BD690 Blu-ray Player is the first product to be certified, others can’t be too far behind. And once the slew starts, it’ll be adios Bluetooth, and hello Wi-Fi Direct!