Thursday, November 25, 2010

ovi popularity destroying itself

Nokia’s new found success with Ovi is now hurting it. Nokia was able to bring over 400,000 developers to Ovi last year and is now delivering over 3 million downloads a day to customers. But now the same popularity is driving developers up the wall with delays in the signing process

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According to developers, the delay is over a month long which more or less renders the developer’s work useless because most of them work with a certain month or season in mind. One developer complained that his Halloween app has been rendered useless because of the delay, while another dev has a completely different story. The developer of Generator Variante Loto was surprised to find that his application appeared in the Ovi store despite failing the quality assurance process. While the developer has no arguments on the bugs that caused the app to fail QA, he is still unsure as to why his app is visible on the Ovi store.

It seems that the delay is due to lack of testing by the devs or due to failure in obtaining proper certificates. Nokia, in a public apology said “We apologize for not being able to keep up with the demand but we assure you we are doing everything possible to get your content into store within five business days”.

Nokia has also said that India is its biggest market followed by the UK and is helping developers in a big way by having on-device app store, as well as a point-and-click application development with the Ovi App Wizard.

The Ovi store is increasing in popularity and the devs are making money as well. BLStream's Crazy Hamster apparently sold 200,000 copies though Ovi, and the company expects to see Ovi sales outperform Apple's App Store. We hope everything is sorted out soon because it would be a shame to see the Ovi store fail due to its own popularity.