Thursday, November 25, 2010

neo nazism promoted by google?

Certain German people are probably going to stay away from their Spiegelleier and Solier for a while. Imagine getting out of your house only to be greeted with the smell of broken eggs. Deutsche Welle reported that those living in the Bergerhausen area of Essen who requested for their homes to be blurred in Google’s Street View are facing this very predicament, as their homes were egged by pro-Street View defenders. And to add insult to injury, the perpetrators also taped "Google’s Cool" to all the targeted homes’ mailboxes. However, there are no reports of how many homes were actually affected by this incidents. Pictures aren’t up either.

An act of rage?

Property owners have been given the right to have their addresses blurred out after local activists and members of the German government insisted on the same, citing privacy concerns. Apart from the stench of eggs, there wasn’t too much damage, and a spokesperson for the Essen police department said the incident was booked as a case of property damage.