Friday, January 14, 2011

microsoft's reaction to google's decision of dropping support for H.264

i think most of us are already aware that google decided to drop H.264 in favour of webM and theora as the former is closed tim sneath posted a sarcastic blog post opposing this move and compared this step with removal of english as the official language of USA.

few points: does not mean USA only.its bigger than that.obviously this is something not taught before joining MS or while working in;but you should learn it before making a blog post.

2.most importantly you do not have to pay royalty for using english(for that matter any language);not for speaking,not for obviously the comparison is totally invalid;but he definitely missed this point.i am speaking a langage called 'bengali'.this is the 7th largest language according to cia factbook/UN.there is no doubt that father of this language is 'ishawarchandra vidyasagar'.if royalty is to be paid for using this language,his family will be filthy rich now.but he did not charge royalty for using the language.

3.his attempt is to link google's attempt with changing the speaking language of a country and prove that this is impossible.obviously he is not a very good student of history.if he spent more time in history during his childhood,he should have known that similar attempts are already successful.

for eg,around 1930 ataturk has done same thing in turkey and its a success.france has done same thing in early 20th century abolishing all regional dialect for a single french dialect.

and as already mentioned,vidyasagar has done same thing in 19th century by giving birth to bengali language in place of sanskrit.

NB:i've seen few comments that there is no royalty fee for H.264.

but its free only for the end-users and not for the content distributor.