Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Celebrate year 2011 with Bose SoundDock Portable!

Bose® SoundDock™ Portable Digital Music System

Bose® SoundDock Portable Digital Music System

Play it anywhere

New Year celebrations continue?

                         Make sure to take your music with you!!

The Bose® SoundDock™ Portable System brings your playlist to life almost anywhere-even outdoors.

The rechargeable litium-ion battery lets you share your music for up to eight hours. So your music can go wherever you do.

Bose® SoundDock Portable digital Music System



The SoundDock™ Portable system delivers crisp vocals and natural sounding instruments, including deep low notes. The sound quality better than you would expect from most portable units. The rotating dock disappears for storage and protection during transit. Moulded handle makes it easy to carry the system from place to place.