Friday, January 7, 2011

Sennheiser CXC 700

Sennheiser is expanding its Travel Line with the addition of CXC 700. It offers travellers a choice of three noise-cancelling profiles – optimised for a range of surrounding noise encountered while travelling.

One of three noise-cancelling profiles can be selected to adapt NoiseGard to the current surroundings. Mode 1 absorbs low-frequency noise in particular (100 to 400 Hz), such as engine noise from trains, buses or small passenger planes. Mode 2 focuses on cancelling noise in the medium frequency range (400 to 3,000 Hz), which is caused above all by air-conditioning systems in large passenger aircraft or office buildings. Mode 3 has a particularly wide frequency range (100 to 3,000 Hz), and combines the noise-cancelling effect in the medium and low-frequency ranges. As a result, background noise with different noise components, such as that which occurs at airports, railway stations or underground stations, can be effectively suppressed, although with a slightly lower noise-cancelling performance than in the first two modes.It also has the 'Talk-through' function.