Sunday, February 6, 2011

nokiareader experience in a nokia 5800

nokia released nokiareader application for symbian devices excluding nokia 5800.after a long fight,nokia provided us,5800 users,a version.its here

well i faced some problem.i am not sure whether these are bugs or  not,so saying here(i posted it in their forum too).

my experience:

installing took 3 first 2 attempts,the ovi support app had some problems and informed "unable to install".after 3rd attempt,installation completed.used it  and really entertained.though when i tried to load rss feed from,it choose only the latest feed option.there are around 7 feeds available from this url but i was not able to choose the other'd be better to have an option to choose the desired rss feed from the list of rss feeds available to that particular website url.anyway this is not a problem,just a wish.the problem i faced afterwards.

my problem:

after rebooting the device,the device informed me that it could not complete the installation of apps from memory card;and the homepage continued to start refreshing every 2 seconds.the message itself was not a problem.i received this kind of message sometimes from my previous nokia models but refreshing the homepage is a makes the phone totally unusable.i could not dial a no,could not receive a call.using web browser is out of question obviously.

my solution:

removed the memory card and reboot it.reintroduce the memory card.and rebooted.the problem reappeared.repeated the procedure again but befor rebooting this time i removed the reader app and ovi notification app from the appp installer.and the problem of refreshing the page stopped.but when i wanted to check the songs/video/msg saved in the memory card,but these are available.apparently,the card is not readable now.

my question:

anybody else have this problem?and is there any chance to do anything with the memory card without formatting it?

my 5800:

black edition,s/w version-52.0.007,RM356