Monday, March 21, 2011

firefox 4 is available on 22nd march

Firefox is the largest open-source browser in the whole world;but its stable releases are not as fast as chromium stable releases are.All these are going to be changed now.
Mozilla is going to release firefox 4 stable soon after a long wait.Though RCs are quite stable for most users,but there are always some uses who like the stable version more(there are variable reasons,not going into them now).It'll be released on 22nd march,i.e, tomorrow;and mozilla india is priming its user for it.
Firefox3 was downloaded 8 million times in the first 24 hour("largest number of software downloads in 24 hours");obviously they are now trying to break it.In this era of social media,its almost impossible to do it without some social media presence.Mozilla is not going to commit such a harakiri;so they created an event in facebook.You could find it here;I am definitely attending.Just join this and download firefox tomorrow-that's all you needed to do to be treated as a member of "team firefox".Here is a list of firefox meet-ups and one could even host his/her own.
You could download it from here: or just upgrade from your present install.
OK,will meet tomorrow.