Sunday, March 20, 2011

for oil,anything

The Libya invasion has been started.Though France started the war,British and us forces was not far behind.according to some press report,they fired more than 100 Toma-hawk missiles in the first eve itself.When Qaddafi forces killed 50 human,western media was blasting them away but when the western nations are killing,no body raises a voice.Amazing and this too with the UN blessing!!!!!!!!!!
I am not supporting Qaddafi.Frankly speaking i do not have any first hand experience with Libya;so not in a place to comment whether he is a tyrant or not-but this post is all about western hypocrisy.
Firstly,look at the countries who are attacking Libya--barring a few Arab countries whose rulers want to protect themselves from a upcoming "jasmine revolution" in their country,rest are western countries with crippled economy-USA,Gr8 Britain,France,Italy.Not that Libya is responsible for that,its due to their own greed but now they need cheaper source of fuel for aiding their recovery.Easiest way is to invade a country with huge oil reserve and distribute the right amongst themselves.Very fine attitude indeed.
Look closely and you will see that Germany,probably the only western stable economy,does not support the invasion.
Secondly,they might say that "we are protecting innocent individuals"-but what is the definition of this "innocence"?That they never dared to define.Very helpful indeed.
In great Britain,police force used brutal force against students because they wanted to study.In France,police used force because people are opposing the killing of 2 children in the hand of the police.The only crime those children committed was to steal food as they were hungry.In USA,any colored person are treated horribly.The movie "Freedom Writers",published in 2007,is an eye opener for me in this regard.In "Harold and kumar go to white castle(2004)",the sarcasm at its greatest height when the colored man was beaten for no offense of him whatsoever.None of these movies are produced in other countries for propaganda purpose;they are produced in Hollywood itself!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Obama promised his countrymen that he will bring American soldiers back from iraq and afganistan.And now he is starting another war!!!!!!Who will fight these wars,Mr Obama?Are not you breaking the very promise to your countrymen which catapulted you to the success.
They are accusing Qaddafi of killing innocent people;but why did they never criticized pakistan or Afghanistan(under taliban rule)?Even today pakistan is waging a war against its own countrymen--but because its their gate pass and because pakistan is giving them free hand for killing its own citizen,they are silent regarding this.Not only that,they are sponsoring terrorist organisations like LeT in the disguise of civilian help,knowing fully well that all these money will ultimately reach to LeT.They are ignoring this now expecting that LeT will destroy only india and not them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ultimately  it all comes down to one thing--mineral reserve.For Libya,its oil;for Afghanistan,its something else.The dreaded western militia,never used its formidable power only to protect humanity.though that might be the ruse but the underlying reason is always something else.
I am grateful to UPA government for not supporting this invasion.Finally they are showing some spine.Hopefully,it will last.