Monday, April 25, 2011

autoconnect 0.9.2 released for ubuntu

Though the title says for ubuntu,it is actually valid for any debian based distro;because the scripts are packed inside a .deb file.
Few days back,while posting about the easyshutdown,a GUI based scheduler for shutdown,i was saying about the difficulties faced by BSNL users in india.We've night unlimited broadband schemes(eat as much as you can,no FUP) but it is between 2-8am.So very cumbersome.
Though with easyshutdown,it was possible to shutdown the pc/laptop at a scheduled time but even then one has to start it at 2am!!!!!!!Somehow i missed this piece of software by Akshay Naik.Autoconnect is the answer to all my searches except a download manager like FDM;but i could wait for the download manager.
The application autoconnect could be downloaded from here.As this is a beta software,it might cause some hiccups;caution is advised.In case of any hiccups,please post a bug report at launchpad and inform the developer.
Thanks Akshay Naik for this one.