Friday, April 22, 2011

easyshutdown:simple,GUI method for scheduled shutdown

My ISP provides 'night unlimited plan';anything downloaded between 2-8am will not be counted to the billing.Great service,no doubt;but there was no simple,GUI method to shut down the computer at 8am.
Easyshutdown is a bless of GOD.Just download deb package from here and you can install by double click on the downloaded package.From their page,
A very simple skript, written in FPC, then rewritten in Python (>=0.3). You can type in hours and minutes, and after this specific time, your Ubuntu will be shutdown. (If you need more options, grab ComplexShutdown, the big brother of easyshutdown…)
Of course in an ideal world,it'll automatically be powered on at 2am and the download will start automatically too;but as its not an ideal world,this is not possible yet(at least i dont know the know-how  -if there is one,please let me know)