Wednesday, April 13, 2011

chromium now supprts ubuntu global menu

Chromium is the open source project which is the basis for google chrome.As its an open-source project,so it loves to extend hand of support to other open-source project as well.The latest is the support to ubuntu's global menu attempt.
From natty(ubuntu  11.04),ubuntu is to use unity instead of gnome-shell.One of the feature of unity is global menu.Till now,no 3rd party application developer was supporting it.The latest chormium daily build now supports it.
Just open the browser up and enter the following command in the URL/address bar: -
  • about:flags
In the list that opens up scroll to the very bottom of the list and enable ‘Experimental GNOME Menu bar support’ by clicking ‘Enable’.
Edit1:apparently now google chrome also support it!!!!!!!!!