Wednesday, April 13, 2011

will reverse brain-drain be beneficial to india?

According to a new report(World's Top Global Mega Trends to 2020 and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures) by Frost and Sullivan,one of the top global mega trends the world will witness reverse brain drain, wherein the vast vacancies for CXOs in countries like India will be filled not only by returning Indians, but also by Americans and Europeans seeking better prospects.
Now the question is will it benefit india?
Frankly speaking,i don't think so.These so-called 'reverse brain-drain' will occur because now india is on the path of growth.If it is not so,then they will not return.But this development is made possible by the people who actually stayed in india and did not leave it.They made it possible.
In contrast,those who left the country mainly to work in western countries,led those countries to economical mishaps one after another,the last being the great economical recession.
So how could return of these defective materials will benefit india,or for that matter any country?We should not forget about the people who actually achieved the growth rate for india.They need to be encouraged not this defective materials.