Wednesday, April 20, 2011

faenza fresh-new icon extension set

What i like most about the open-source world is the ability to choose.There is freedom to choose,freedom to do anything you wish.If you do not like something,just change it.Nobody will sue you for this.This is a great experience.
One such field is the icon-themes in linux.Though taste differs to a great extent,but "Faenza" icon set is almost the default choice of most users;but even this great icon theme does not contain everything.
So tobias bernard ,made this extension set.From the page,


1) Personal (just for you): Copy the "Faenza-Fresh"-folder into the folder /home/yourname/.icons/
System (for every user): Copy the "Faenza-Fresh"-folder into the folder /usr/share/icons/

2) After that, use "Faenza-Fresh" instead of "Faenza" as your icon theme.

3) Enjoy your new icons!

Remember,you must have the original "Faenza" icon theme for proper usage.