Thursday, April 21, 2011

google search now with improved predictions

Google uses word prediction feature to auto-complete the search term you are typing.When this is combined with google instant,its a life-saving for lots of people who use google for searching.
Previously,this auto-complete feature predicted total search term.Now the problem is that the search term must be present in google database.If its a new term,it could not be predicted;even if the part of the term is popular.
I was searching a bit earlier for methods to create HDR images in ubuntu lucid;just after typing HD,google completed the search term because its in their data base already.Now from their release,
What’s tricky is that a huge percentage of the queries we get have almost never been typed before, so this makes it difficult to provide predictions based on popularity. For example, very few people have searched for [florida state senate building], so until today, even when you typed nearly the whole search query, you wouldn’t get a prediction
Now google tweaked it a little bit.For a long search term,google search will predict the part of the search term.For the above example,it'll now be something like this-
 It is available for english users only at present.