Tuesday, April 5, 2011

mozilla's Do Not Track gaining supports

When we.the indians,are busy with our world  cup endeavour,mozilla achieves something truly revolutionary as far as online advertising is concerned.Present day advertisement depends hugely on tracking of online behaviour of an user.
The problem is that users are almost always ignorant of these tracking.This goes directly against 'internet freedom'.Mozilla,the maker of famous firefox browser, is a nonprofit organization committed to making the Web better and putting users in control of their Web experience. As part of this mission, they’re developing and implementing technologies that give people easy and effective privacy controls.

Do Not Track privacy feature is just one such approach.This is an http header approach,in which a special new header is sent to the server specifying that the client does not wish to be tracked.It could be activated by selecting the appropriate option(screenshot is attached)
For this to be a success,the advertisers must respect this request.This is achieved on 30th march when AP(associated press) agreed to do so.DAA also initiated a proposal regarding this.
Here are excerpts from their blog-
"Today there are two significant developments on this front:
  • The AP News Registry service, run by the Associated Press, implemented the DNT header across 800 news sites servicing 175 million unique visitors each month.
  • The Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA), which includes the five major media and advertising agencies, is initiating a process to explore incorporating the DNT header, as proposed by Mozilla, into its Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA). The DAA represents more than 5,000 leading media and technology companies that span the entire marketing-media ecosystem."