Monday, April 4, 2011

my 1st april experience

As stated here,1st April,2011 for me started in gopalpur,odisha.Its the day for returning back to barrackpore.The only problem was that we did not have any confirmed ticket.Its waiting list 19/20/21.Was a little bit worried.
In the morning,went for a quick sea bathing,after "botero juto"(it means leaving the shoe-learned this @ kalijai).This reminds me-at kalijai mandir,one has to "botero juto" in the boat and walked bare foot at the island.Its really quite a torture as the surface is too hot.Anyway after taking the bath,finished breakfast with "tamato" sandwitch and "bara"(4pc-₹15).Found something interesting as well-one plate chicken costs ₹60,one plate "pantha vat" ₹50 and one plate "khichdi" ₹60-chicken and khichdi were priced equally!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After reaching station,enquired again and its still 19/20/21.So went for searching about bus route;but alas,there is no direct bus route from gopalpur to kolkata.Only way is to break the journey at bhubaneswar.Decided not to travel via bus.While returning back to the station,lost the way,but luckily not too much.Only 10 minutes extra walk.
The train just previous to chennai mail,was 2 hours late.It was also coming from chennai.So worriedly checked the website of railways.Luckily ours was not late.After boarding the train,search for a TTE was started.Upto S8 movement is possible but at S9 and10,its simply was just totally packed.And the people was talking in strange language.TTE informed that we're in waiting list 2/3/4 and 3 seats would be vacant in 'khurdah'(locally spelled as খরদা).So got some seat for sleeping.Ordered veg dishes from railway pantry car.I don't know whether i am a special case or not but in railway pantry car rices are made in a special way-its always half cooked for me.Don't know why railway cook hates me so much!!
Met one Mr amar panda.He is a mechanical fitter,returning home after 10 yrs.He was a bit worried.When i asked,he told me that he'd a 3 yr old son in home but never met him.I decided its best not to ask questions regarding this!
Went to sleep around 9pm and when opened eyes again,its already 4am and the train was entering howrah.Returned home after the gopalpur journey and ready to enjoy the world cup final.