Thursday, April 28, 2011

purulia arms drop:true story?????

In december,1995,a consignment of weapon was dropped from a latvian aeroplane over joupur,jhalda,purulia,west bengal.The area was very close to a 3 storied building of anandamerg society.As far as i can remember,the consignment contained almost everything-AK47,AK56,rocket launchers and many more.At the time,it was thought that these weapons were send to support anandamergis so that they could launch a war against the state.Though anandamergi's denied it vehemently.The radar system which could have seen the drop,was switched off at the time.
Few days after this incident,the plane re-entered indian air space.The whole team was arrested including peter bleach except kim davy.Mr davy,a danish citizen,was supposed to be the mastermind behind the whole arms drop.It was not clear at that time how did he leave the mumbai airport?Mr bleach was judged as guilty and he was extradited to UK for the completion of his sentence!!!!!
Now times of india published an interview with Kim davy.According to him,the whole procedure was the brainchild of indian government to destabilise the communist rule in west bengal.
The gist of the interview:
Indian intelligence agency,RAW,along with british intelligence agency decided to drop the arms consignment.Area was determined by RAW.RAW asked to switch off the rader so that the drop could not be seen.When the plane was cornered at mumbai airport,mr davy was smuggled out to nepal under VIP protection.Even member of parliaments(MPs) were also part of the whole scheme.
The whole interview could be found here.
Is this true?I don't know
But is this possible?yes,definitely.Indian government always tried to destabilise democratically elected state governments.This is nothing new.Similar kind of strategy was followed in '88 while declaring presidential rule in Tripura;but if they had gone to this extent in west bengal then its really shameful.What else to say????????