Thursday, May 26, 2011

firefox 5 beta 2-my 1st day experience

As mentioned here,firefox 5 beta 2 version was available in firefox-next repository for ubuntu lucid.So,downloaded it in the morning.Since then,tweaking it.Few add-ons are not working.Basically the most important add-on for me is user-agent switcher.Thankfully its working;but tabscope is not working with firefox 5.I was not aware how much dependent i was on this particular add-on.Waiting for a quick update from the developer.
The linux based distros have a problem with firefox-they do not have an option of "no title bar".After few tweaking,that's how my twitter page is looking(the above screenshot).
But everything is not a smooth experience.My blog is showing something funny.When i opened my blog page,the first thing i noticed was the absence of blogger navbar.In place of it,there is only one box with my password in it(the below screenshot)
And the comment box was not loaded either.Instead of that something like this happened(the blue coloured box)
After clicking on the sign in button visible in this iframe,the resulting page was as expected with normal blogger navbar.
I cleared the cache and cookies and tried it several times.Each time with the same result.Dont know if this is happening with myself only!!If yes,i'd like to know the possible reasons for that.Hoping for a quick reprieve.