Friday, May 27, 2011

Nvidia,firefox 5 and youtube 3D

Lets start with a disclaimer:though the headline says firefox 5,this is true for firefox 4 and above.
Now the main part.YouTube added support for 3D videos quite a while back (nearly 2 years), as an experiment and since then 3D videos have been pouring in. Now there is a YouTube channel specifically for 3D videos and with the support of NVIDIA, those with NVIDIA's 3D Vision capable hardware now will be able to watch 3D videos while utilizing their display's 3D capabilities.Check if your hardware is capable here.
I tested it with firefox 5 beta 2 in my laptop.Because the lappy does not have any nvidia chip,the result is negative.For a positive result,both boxes must be green.My result is attached below
Oho,before i forgot.For this html5 is needed.So join the HTML5 trial and select the correct 3D mode and use Firefox 4 or newer(only firefox is supported for now);then and only then 3D video will be displayed.These videos are encoded in WebM.Thats another plus point.