Monday, May 30, 2011

twentyfour hour outage of BSNL net service at barrackpore

I am using BSNL's CDMA1X service for almost two and half years.When i took the connection,EVDO data service from BSNL was available almost for 2 years in rajarhat area.3G service just launched in rajarhat.So,naturally i thought that EVDO would come to barrackpore earlier than 3G.What a mistake.Even after two and half years,there is no sign of EVDO in barrackpore.Instead 3G data modems are now available at ₹1600.My EVDO modem costed me ₹3000 at that time.
Now i lost the hope of EVDO ever launching at barrackpore;but they should at least try to provide the CDMA1X service unhindered.Every now and then there are incidences of outage.That's plain disgusting and irritating.Just yesterday they stopped providing the service for 24 hour without any previous information(from 11am sunday morning to 11am monday).
And they wonder why people are leaving BSNL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BSNL should have a look at this( people leave service provider because of poor customer care.
Now just waiting for either of two scenario-
1.BSNL provides a 3G modem in exchange for my present EVDO modem at free of cost
2.mukesh ambani launches an affordable LTE service at barrackpore