Saturday, May 7, 2011

google map and republic of south sudan

After a bloody battle for so many years,southern part of the earstwhile sudan finally got the freedom it was fighting for.But it is not the end of the problem;the actual problem starts now.Due to lack of development,this huge area lacks modern  facilities like food and medicines.Plus this huge is also unmapped.Without a map,its very difficult to make developmental plans.UN is also asking the mankind to help 'republic of south sudan' in this difficult period.
Google came forward to help with its mapmaker tool;so that the vast area of south sudan could be mapped.
Last Thursday, the Google Map Maker team, along with the World Bank and UNITAR/UNOSAT, held a unique event at the World Bank Headquarters in Washington, D.C., and a satellite event in Nairobi at the same time. More than 70 members of the Sudanese diaspora, along with regional experts from the World Bank, Sudan Institute, Voices for Sudan, The Enough Project and other organizations gathered together to map the region.The goal of the event was to engage and train members of the Sudanese diaspora in the United States, and others who have lived and worked in the region, to use Google Map Maker so they could contribute their local knowledge of the region to the ongoing mapping effort, particularly in the area of social infrastructure.
Best of luck to them