Tuesday, May 24, 2011

updates available for easyshutdown and steadyflow

New updates available for my two favourite applications-easyshutdown and steadyflow.
Easyshutdown is a GUI for ubuntu for scheduled shutdown.Version 0.6 comes with following bug fixes and changes
* Fixed dependency-problem "gir1.2-unity-3.0"
* Added commandline option -s XY. It starts EasyShutdown with XY minutes left for countdown.
* Added quicklist for unity-launchers. (Attention! Every click starts a new instance of EasyShutdown!)
Steadyflow is a GTK based download manager.To the best of my knowledge,this is the only download manager with an extension for chromium and epiphany.That makes it quite a bit unique actually.Version 0.1.7 has the following additions
adding support for password authentication,
selecting multiple files in the file list,
and controlling downloads from the indicator icon.