Wednesday, June 22, 2011

google translate available for bengali

Whoa.That is the best news;particularly after finding the lcd of my n82 damaged.Anyway rambling aside,google translate is finally available for bengali.Though the service is still in alpha stage.So it'll take some time to mature;but i am happy with its availability.
Google translate now supports 63 languages in total!!!!!!!!
They give some explanations why it takes such a long time for bengali translation to appear:
Indic languages differ from English in many ways, presenting several exciting challenges when developing their respective translation systems. Indian languages often use the Subject Object Verb (SOV) ordering to form sentences, unlike English, which uses Subject Verb Object (SVO) ordering. This difference in sentence structure makes it harder to produce fluent translations; the more words that need to be reordered, the more chance there is to make mistakes when moving them. Tamil, Telugu and Kannada are also highly agglutinative, meaning a single word often includes affixes that represent additional meaning, like tense or number. Fortunately, our research to improve Japanese (an SOV language) translation helped us with the word order challenge, while our work translating languages like German, Turkish and Russian provided insight into the agglutination problem.
Plus they provide a link for bengali font downloading!!!!!It could be downloaded from here.

here the bengali option,alpha stage of 
the prog & the english sentence is
underlined in red

the translate button & the bengali translation
is underlined in red here