Wednesday, June 22, 2011

random hack of kindkess-III

"Random hack of kindness" is an attempt from industry big-shots to do something for humanity.The basic idea is to collect hackers from different parts of the world and let them do what they do best.Create programmes.Only these are open source programmes to counter emergency problem and climate changes(this one is included in RHoK3).Google is the main contributor of the programme.
In partnership with Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA and the World Bank, we founded RHoK in 2009 to build and support a community creating open source technology for crisis response. At RHoK #3, we expanded the mandate to include climate change, and we also recently announced that we’re broadening the scope in the future to tackle any development challenges.
At the RHoK Silicon Valley event at Google’s Mountain View campus, we selected three winners:

  • SMS Person Finder enables anyone with a phone to interact with Person Finder, a software application that Google built to help people connect with their loved ones following a disaster. The Google Crisis Response team is working with this group to integrate their application into future Google Person Finder deployments
  • Hey Cycle makes it easier for people to reuse and recycle items by setting up email alerts when free items that they’re looking for are entered on
  • FoodMovr connects people with excess food to others who need it through a simple live application