Thursday, June 23, 2011

how to install bengali fonts in nokia 5800 with ubuntu

Though the title says "nokia 5800" ,its applicable for any nokia symbian handsets.
As described here,nokia high-end phones do not support the 6th largest language of the world.So could not view bengali characters without installing 3rd party bengali fonts.
In this post,i'll say how to install bengali fonts in nokia 5800.
This tutorial is posted in good faith without any kind of legal responsibility.This might harm your device;so follow at your own risk. some bengali fonts first.You could find bengali fonts here
2.check your z/resource/fonts folder in your symbian handsets.
--3rd party file manager like Xplore will be needed for this.
3.write down the name of the font files present in that folder.
4.for nokia 5800,there are 4 files in that folder-s60snr.ttf,s60ssb.ttf,s60tsb.ttf,S60ZDIGI.ttf. choose one bengali font of your choice;and make 4 copy of it(because in nokia 5800,there are 4 files in the aforementioned folder).I choose "likhan" from the link given above.
6.rename the 4 files according to the name as mentioned in point 4.
7.copy all 4 renamed files to a this folder "Fonts"
It should look like this:

8.connect your phone to the pc with USB and choose "Mass storage" mode transfer the created folder ("Fonts") to E/resource
10.disconnect the phone
--ubuntu users should "eject" the device instead of "safely remove"
11.reboot the phone and your new font is active.
12.repeat the procedure if you want to change the font again