Saturday, June 11, 2011

how to install deditor in ubuntu

Deditor is a tool that brings python and a text-editor together in multiple ways.From their page:
Deditor is a light-weight python-specific text-editor. It is written in python using the wxpython toolkit and is written for linux only. Everything is structured in one easy to use window. There is one odd thing you will have to get used too and that's the filepath bar, you always see a bar on top with the absolute path to the file you're editing if you want to save a file you have to press ctrl+s and it will save to the path in that bar. If you want to save to an other location you just modify the path in the bar and save.
Although deditor supports syntax-highlighting for multiple languages (78) it is developed especially for python-developers. There is a python shell (which you can disable if you don't need it), and there is a code analyzing program included (pylint) also the whole Plugin System is python-written which makes that every plugin needs to be written in python.
The editor itself supports syntax-highlighting, folding, multiple-files at once, text searching, auto-indentation, ...
The .deb file could be downloaded from this launchpad page. From version 0.2,a ppa might be available.