Sunday, July 3, 2011

joined google+

Google launched another social service-after orkut & buzz.Now,its known as "google+".For now,its invitation only.After the launch,the craze of invitation stumped google.And they stopped the invitation process.
I was invited by mriganka.After getting the invitation,when i tried first time to open it,i failed.Google asked me to come later.Next day morning,tried again and succeeded.
Google automatically filled the account details and asked me to confirm.Though i did not like the disclaimer-because its a beta service,personal data might be leaked-very dangerous clause indeed;but i accepted because there were no other choice.What else to do.Joined and posted few comments and photos.
Screenshot-Google+ - Chromium
Since,i could not invite my friends,i don't think i will spend much time here now;but that may change in future.