Saturday, December 17, 2011

top 10 individual IT defaulters of india

just read this - "top 10 individual defaulters"- released by GoI for Income Tax assessment year 2009-10.according to this,the top tens are-
Hasan Ali(50,345.73 crore)
Harshad Mehta
Kashinath Tapuriah (Rs 602.80cr)
A D Narrotam (Rs 5,781.86cr)
Hiten P Dalal (Rs 4,200.04cr)
Jyoti H Mehta (Rs 1,739.57cr)
Ashwin S Mehta (Rs 1,595.51cr)
B C Dalal (1,535.89cr)
S Ramaswamy (Rs 1,122.48cr)
Uday M Acharya (Rs 683.22 cr). 

only 12 individuals (4.3 per cent of the total cases) accounting for 90 per cent of the arrear demand.its a highly skewed distribution.
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