Saturday, December 10, 2011

how to bypass BSNL block of btjunkie

Few months back,i mentioned that BSNL is blocking btjunkie,probably the best torrent crawler of the world.It was not clear why all of a sudden BSNL blocked this site!! Initially i thought,may be its due to the release of Ra-one.srk probably bribed the govt to do this.5-6 months back,same thing happened before the release of singham;but at that time it was done by the private ISPs (like airtel,reliance,tata).
This time even after the release of that movie,BSNL did not remove the block.
Torrent itself is not illegal;distributing copyright protected material without permission  is illegal.
Since never wanted to sponsor piracy,did not share how to bypass this block of BSNL;but after kapil sibal's recent announcement,it becomes clear that govt is trying to censor 'internet'!!!!!!!!And this is probably part of the plan.
So,sharing two popular method about bypassing this block--
  • Opera Turbo  
Opera is one of the most secure and user-friendly browser.It has a feature called opera turbo which could be switched on.In this service,the data is compressed before sending to the user's pc/lappy/mobile/tablet.
I don't use opera in my lappy because it could not render bengali scripts properly at all  in ubuntu;but i  checked this on mobile and tablets.In both cases,it could open the site with opera turbo enabled.
It could be downloaded from here.
  • Anonymous proxy extension
This extension could be installed for chromium browser from webstore.After installing,it looks something like this--
Just click on the link->a pop-up box will open->enter the web url(>press enter.
This will bypass the BSNL blockade.
P.S. i am sharing these tricks only because all torrents are not illegal.please do not use these methods to share copyright protected materials without the owner's permission.