Saturday, May 12, 2012

how to send links to mobile via sms

While browsing net,sometimes we find something which are really interesting.Those are the time when we will need a way to sen them to our phone.
There are some apps for that for android phones;but what to do for non-android users?or non-smartphone owners?
That's where this service comes into play.
Its a very simple service but very effective one.
Using this,one could send a link,image,quotes from a page to a mobile phone via ubiquitous sms.
It has add-ons for all prominent browsers.Just install it and we are ready to go.
site will identify your browser
and provide the option to install
the necessary add-on

After installing the add-on,use the share button.A page like the above one will open.Even if you don't have an account already,just put your mobile no and a password.A message will be sent to the mobile no with a passcode.Enter the passcode into the page and the account will be created.

The service is very good.Almost instantaneous.
For now,its available only for indian users.