Thursday, May 10, 2012

what to do with 'unlimited' aircel 3G?

Its sometime since 3G services has been launched in india.Unfortunately,3G never penetrated too much because of its high price and lack of a trans-national 3G service provider.
Nothing could be done for the second reason,but for the first, aircel is trying to provide a solution.
Along with htc, aircel launched a promo offer.In which,they are providing a free htc one V with 'unlimited' 3G data.its starts as low as ₹8;which comes with 50 MB of data for one day.1GB data costs ₹198 valid for 1 month at 3.6 mbps.After the cap,one could surf net at 128kbps unlimitedly.
So,the question now is-what to do?
As a public health specialist, i need to go to interior areas of kolkata. In some areas,people simply don't have hygienic conditions to live.Its very difficult to share their living standard with policy makers.A video of this kind will be large;large enough to take long time to upload.With aircel 3G, i could upload these videos to youtube and share with policy makers.It will have a huge impact on them to view this directly.
Some of the areas dont have any wired broadband penetration.Aircel could be of huge help in those areas for a public health specialist like me.
With ice-cream sandwich (i.e, android 4.0) in htc one V and 'unlimited' 3G of aircel, its now much easier to post blog ,take snaps and upload then to picasa, record HD videos and upload them-all on the go.
Steps like these (providing affordable 3G tariffs) actually helps the nation to reach the much needed broadband penetration.With each percentage of gain in broadband penetration,the GDP of the country increases exponentially also.From a public health point of view,this is very important.What aircel is doing is worthy of praise.
3 cheers to aircel.
Hopefully other operators will follow the step.