Wednesday, August 22, 2012

3G speed of Airtel and BSNL at barrackpore

Using BSNL 3g for sometimes. After having  some problem with BSNL connection (mainly because of not having promised speed of 3.6 mbps at barrackpore), decided to try some other service provider.
Here is the output from Point to be noted: the testing server for BSNL is situated at New delhi compared to airtel's server at Kolkata! Even then BSNL beats airtel by a huge margin. Apparently my wait for a better service provider is not to be finished so easily!

from BSNL
and from airtel

for BSNL, recharge of ₹ 250 has been used compared to ₹ 45 in case of Airtel. Don't know if Airtel is going to provide higher speed with higher value recharges!
Nokia n82 has been used as a modem with joikuspot free edition as the software to create the necessary wi-fi network.
So, my journey for a better 3G data provider continues.