Friday, August 24, 2012

flipkart's two new commercials

Just today morning received a mail from flipkart with  the links to these two youtube videos. Apparently flipkart is emphasising on reaching people. Its of course a good manoeuvre. Here are the links to these two videos-

Overall my experience is not much different. They actually do timely delivery. Only once they failed to do so. Bought a pen from them;but it did not reach in time. After enquiring, found out that their self-delivery system returned it from DELHI airport and they re-shipped it through another courier. Only thing they forgot to do was to inform me the incidence in time. Guess, its not their fault but they should have informed me about the problems and steps taken to solve it.
And one other thing is - long time taken to replenish the stocks. for example , trying to buy this one for a long time. but its still out of stock.
I guess i am like that impatient one; and these kind of things affect the hard earned reputation.
They are already very good; hopefully they will keep it up and continue to improve themselves.
Best of luck to them