Friday, September 7, 2012

"bling it on" - really?

Microsoft has launched a new war front against Google- its bling vs google. In this website, , they are providing 2 search results for each search- one result is from google and another is from bing. The user should choose the best search result according to his opinion. This is a blinded comparison- meaning you will not know which is which until you are finishing the 5 search results, and microsoft  provides the results of your choice.
In USA, microsoft is actually coming down at road to challenge users. and according to them, bing is more correct than google for providing search results. Ironically hey are spreading this in youtube - another google service!

Tried this, and my result is as below. At least for me, Google- 5, Microsoft- 0.
Probably, they have calibrated their result according to USA users and not for Indian users- which might explain the huge difference between their claim and the result found!