Sunday, December 2, 2012

how to install PSPP from git

PSPP is a statistical software used by many people for statistical analysis. It is available in ubuntu repository; but the version present in the repository does not have the logistic regression function. Heard that it was available in the latest version which could be only installed from git.
Never used git before hand; so was a little bit afraid. Then decided to take the plunge.
After a bit of trial and error and lots of help from the user mailing list, finally succeeded in installing it.
Writing down the commands used to finally install the PSPP in my ubuntu 12.04 -
  1. git clone git:// #making a copy of the source file within pspp folder
  2. git clone git:// gnulib #same thing for gnulib
  3. cd gnulib #enter inside the gnulib folder
  4. git checkout 392f10a #commit number;first few digits (mentioned in the readme.git)
  5. cd #exiting the gnulib folder
  6. cd pspp #enter inside the pspp folder
  7. make -f Smake
  8. ./configure #it might ask to install some dependencies
  9. make
  10. sudo make install
After doing this, was very happy. but then found that the desktop shortcut present in the unity and docky for pspp was not working.
Created a new desktop shortcut following the advice given here. The alacarte option was not working for some reasons.

Next question is how to update the software from now on! Again the mailing list came to help.Here is the advice for updating the app -
1. cd pspp
2. git pull
3. make
4. sudo make install
  1. logistic regression is working
  2. uget , the download manager i was using with firefox, stopped working. its not even loading. 
Otherwise everything is working good. Thank you PSPP team.

Edit (03.12.2012) : uget is working. deleted the /home/.config/uget folder and after the next booting, it started working again!