Friday, December 21, 2012

unknown languages in eisamay affecting the bengali experience

Eisamay is a production of   +Indiatimes group. This was supposed to be a bengali language production. So,my understanding was that probably only bengali would be the language of this publication; might be a little bit of english. While going through the posts, found this

the next button in this page is written
 in some unknown language

From a respected group like indiatimes, expected much better. Obviously, they are not interested in this production at present. They probably forgot everything about it after creation. Journalists are posting articles criticising everybody in bengali; and the important areas in the page are written in some unknown language affecting the experience severely. Nobody is bothered to check whether the page is appearing properly or not.
Very bad attitude, actually. I am saying it again, expected much better scrutiny from a group like this.

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