Monday, February 11, 2013

funny experience with train service

Today was fun - mostly except the email from nepjol ,but that's a different matter.
Most of the fun provided by the +Indian Railway . Today morning, when i was trying to catch the barrackpore local, the train seemed a little bit small. Was wondering what actually happened; but then forgot about it totally. The thing cleared up at the time of return. When the train reached barrackpore , i was unable to recognise the station. Was scared for sometime. After sometime, i understood the problem.
Actually, the train crossed over the spot where it should have stopped.
As could be seen in the image, the train should have stopped in the red spot, closer to the overbridge; the usual stoppage point for train at barrackpore. Today, the train stopped at the green mark. Overstepped by at least 3 emu coaches' length! Naturally i was unable to recognise the station!
Was really scared for sometime!

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