Monday, April 15, 2013

firefox 20 not supported by samsung galaxy ace

+Mozilla Firefox believe that the Web shouldn’t be subject to any restrictions! And for them one way to achieve this is to provide a good browser to every platform which could be used to access internet. Its a good goal, undoubtedly. Praise to the +Mozilla Firefox developers for their effort to bring the browser into +Android .
But this could not be achieved without providing trustworthy information to the consumers. That is a point where firefox needs much work. For example, they are claiming in this support page that firefox 20 could be used in +Samsung Mobile - galaxy ace (S5830).

Unfortunately that is not the case. Whenever i tried to check in my galaxy ace, i could even not find the application! And that is because firefox does not support ace. This could be checked through playstore also.
User have posted about it into +Google Plus firefox community also, but so far no response. Keeping my fingers crossed for someday when finally it'll be possible to install firefox in galaxy ace! In the meantime, firefox should change the support page ASAP; otherwise its only increasing the confusion. Although don't know what is the problem with Ace ; after all it has more than the minimum configuration needed by firefox 20.
So, to answer +Mozilla's question, no i do not use firefox on android and this is the reason for it. :(

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