Tuesday, May 21, 2013

new flickr with 1 TB storage

Personally, i always preferred flickr over google photos or picassa in its earlier avatar. For some reason, flickr never found quite the love it deserved from +Yahoo! .
Now flickr is changed with 1 TB storage and new user interface. And the new interface is really looking great; though its a little heavy on the bandwidth.....
My page is now looking like this

The page showing my result when i tried +Google vs bing test result. The score was 5-nil in favour of google. Also showing myself with banikda, parthada, +Nabarunda. One image is showing +Nabarun da giving gopalda a packet of cig ,errr something!
Though this comes with an invisible price tag. The photostream is now mixed with ads. One could get an ad-free experience with $50/year (approximately ₹3000).