Sunday, June 23, 2013

strange happening with my compaq laptop

i bought my first, and till date the only, laptop around four and and half years back - a +HP compaq (CQ40-317TU). other than changing the battery two years back, it did not ask for any more maintenance. installed +Ubuntu 8.04 on it and since then using without too much trouble.
after upgrading from +Ubuntu 8.04 to 10.04, the cd drive stopped working. i thought that was because of the upgrade and probably some regression crept into +Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. as i do not use the drive too much, it was not a bother for me. did not spend too much time on it. time to time, i tried different cds on it and none of them worked.
my laptop confidently informed me every time that the cd drive was empty.
recently i was given a dataset in a cd. so, i put it into the drive and voila! all of a sudden, my laptop recognised it! i copied the dataset to my hard drive and then tried with few older music cds. not surprisingly, they were not recognised. my laptop simply refused to recognise that there was a cd on the drive in spite of my screaming and hair splitting tantrums.
i tried again with the dataset cd; but even it was not recognised this time!
i would probably have termed the whole incident as a fiction of my mind but for the dataset present in my hard drive!

all i can say, moody laptop.

if it was in the warranty period, i would have taken it to the service centre but for now, i guess, i will let it continue its moody behaviour. 

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