Saturday, November 6, 2010

free comercial apps for WP7 devices from lg

LG, in its "Life's Good" making spirit, says that they're giving away packs of applications for free every 60 days for their Windows 7 Phones (aka the Optimus 7, 7Q and Quantum and more when they come). The packages will include all kinds of applications, from business use, to gaming and social networking. 

                          Got this phone? Get the stash! 

Each package will contain 10 new applications and as soon as one package is released, the one prior to it will be discontinued. These will be available directly through LG's application store. The one thing they haven't said is whether this will be a worldwide offer or only restricted to a few countries. One thing's for certain, for whoever's doubting going the WP7 route, this offer could raise the stakes.