Wednesday, November 3, 2010

good news for mac and windows users

Most Mac users are mighty proud of the fact that their beloved computers aren’t as prone to viruses as PCs. But with Apple’s market share growing rapidly, more and more viruses are being let loose. Now there’s a new Trojan virus that is yet another addition to that slow, but steady list of viruses waiting to plunder and pillage your Mac. 

Boonana affects both Mac and Windows 

Security firm, SecureMac has said this virus, trojan.osx.boonana.a, and attacks OS X via social networking sites like Facebook and Orkut, where video playback is popular.  It appears as a message that says ‘Is it you in this video?’ And if you’re dumb enough to click on it, a java applet runs and allows the system to install a program that bypasses password verification that is usually mandatory. The virus launches itself automatically on startup and can communicate with control and command servers, allowing it to wriggle its way into user accounts to further spread its seed.

The amazing thing about this virus is that it can spread to both Mac and Windows users, as the initial phase of its execution runs on Java. But be warned that Windows might be hit a little harder, or as SecureMac puts it, the payload includes "other files" that are directed at Windows.

Sure you can disable Java to prevent this from hitting your Mac or PC, but there’s a simpler solution – just don’t click on stupidly obvious links that say stuff like ‘Is it you in this video?’ However, if you do get affected by this problem, SecureMac has already released a free removal tool. So watch out, and click smart, or Boonana might pay you a visit.